William “Billy” Kaplan || 17 || Homosexual  || Patient || Chronic Depression, Anorexia nervosa

Billy Kaplan was the eldest of three sons born to Reform Jews Jeff Kaplan, a cardiologist, and Rebecca Kaplan, a psychologist. He had trouble with bullies in school due to his sexuality and fanboy-ness almost all of his life. It was no wonder since he was usually smaller compared to others of his age but he tried to ignore it. Billy didn’t want it affecting him or taking a toll in his life so he never told a soul about it.

After so many years of being like that he couldn’t take living anymore; he was everything of a failure. He started to cut himself but the pain was to much so instead he used his belt to hang himself from his ceiling fan. Instead of waking up in his afterlife he was in a white room restrained; thus began his stay in the Asylum.


OOC: Jen

FC: Keir Gilchrist

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