James GordonĀ  || 54 || (Sexuality up to rper) || Head Guard || Insomnia & Coffee Addiction

Rookie cop James W. Gordon was transferred from Gotham City to Chicago as part of a plan by Gillian Loeb, then a captain, to cover up events that would eventually lead to the creation of the first Wrath, Gordon having shot a dirty cop and his wife while they were sneaking out of a warehouse. Gordon complied when Loeb threatened to kill the couple’s young son. During his tenure in Chicago, Gordon struggled with his wife, Barbara Eileen Gordon over conceiving a child, and took university night classes in criminology. He faced brutality amongst the other officers after uncovering corruption within the force. Later, Gordon uncovered evidence of rigging in the mayoral election, and brought down two more of his fellow officers. Eventually, his commissioner recommended a speedy transfer to Gotham City for him, both for his own safety and for theirs.

Seventeen to eighteen years later, after being promoted as a detective-sergeant on the force, while working late in his office, Bruce, wearing a ski-mask, visited Gordon’s office, to ask Gordon about Carmine Falcone’s criminal operation and the police inability to stop the notorious crimelord. When Bruce threatens Gordon with a common office stapler, which was thought to be a pistol, Bruce suggested that they form an alliance. However the last thing he thought possible was his own daughter would be in the mess with Batman. When she left to go free him he followed her trying to save the only sane child he has left.


FC: Gary Oldman