Chloe Manson || 19 || Hetrosexual || Criminal || Addict, Homicidal, Nymphomaniac

Alcohol and cocaine addict. Medically insane. Murderous tendencies, and slightly a nymphomaniac. Chloe was recently admitted into The A Asylum for attempt at arson and the murder of her ex and her parents. Her ex-lover turned down her sexual advances so in a fight of rage she attempted to burn his apartment down. His bedroom was the only part effected by the fire.

In her younger years Chloe had gotten in trouble numerous times for stabbing children in her school. In her high school years, she was expelled for sexual advances on three of her teachers. Her senior year of high school Chloe became heavily addicted to alcohol and cocaine. She dropped out a month before graduation and was kicked out of her parents house. From then on she lived from house to house, solely surviving off the generosity of concerned friends.

Chloe started up her music career soon after, playing local shows at every bar and club she could. She became intimate with her drummer, James who later dumped her because of her drug abuse. Chloe fled the scene before anyone could know it was her. Chloe was later charged for murder of her parents and ex-lover James.

FC: Taylor Momsen


OOC: Katniss

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